Bringing robotics, education and industry together

Working with Australia’s energy sector – providing an innovative training and learning hub that is proudly 100% female and indigenous led, based in Perth, Western Australia.

Lab61 Robotics Academy
Lab61 Training

Why do we need an industry led approach?

Many commercial projects across Australia’s energy and resource sectors today include requirements, or at least a preference for, demonstrating that you have a commitment to sustainability and diversity employment programs.

Simultaneously, the move to embrace and adopt new technological approaches onsite, from innovative robotics to cutting-edge equipment, continues to increase.

Our mission

To educate, influence, and inspire the next generation in the rapidly emerging fields of robotics, engineering and technology through industry-led programs, hands-on experience and equal opportunity.

Our Story

Lab61 programs span the full lifecycle of our future workforce, from Grade 5 to post employment upskilling.

The primary aims of this full cycle approach are:

Attract interest of younger primary school-aged students through the Robotics Academy

Further learning for secondary school students through work experience programs

Empower and enable engineering graduates to start their career on the front foot through mentoring and industry placement programs

Maintain skills currency post-employment through skilling and upskilling programs

While some existing initiatives have some similar elements to the proposed Lab61 programs, we are the only fully vertically-integrated ecosystem that focuses on education through to an employment outcome.

Founders Lina Velosa and Natalie De Silveira (L-R)

The Groundbreakers

Our supporters and partners are dedicated to creating the next generation of robotics engineers and technology innovators that will drive Australian industry to the forefront.